Drinking Bone Broth Warm: A Ritual Worth Our Health

You've heard all about the bone broth benefits lately, but do you know why it's important to drink it warm? 

It's a well known fact our bodies crave a warm liquid remedy during the chilly months, when noses are cold and sniffles are rampant (remember FeBRUary?). And with recent epidemic levels of flu and cold viruses, it's even more important then ever to nourish and protect our bodies from the inside out.

But what about during the warmer months, when you can't get enough of the pool and crave an iced latte in the afternoon?

Contradictory to what we may think cools us down, traditional medicine and modern science have shed some light on why your body feels that much better with a warm beverage in hand. 

Soo-Ah pouring DETOX BRU bone brothIt is a daily custom for millions of people in the world to drink a hot liquid throughout the year no matter the weather, for good reason.  For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has advocated warm liquids to increase blood flow and circulation.  Ayurveda (an ancient medicine originating in India) especially recommends it during the early hours to stimulate digestion and to also aid with pain relief for the same reason.  Couple this knowledge with the myriad benefits of bone broth (increased energy, anti-inflammation, joint wellness, even weight loss) and your body will be raring to go in the morning. 

Even when you are sweating, a recent study performed at University of Ottawa’s School of Human Kinetics found a pretty interesting result.  When you ingest a beverage that is hotter than body temperature, you play into your body’s cooling mechanism resulting “in a lower amount of heat stored in the body...provided the additional sweat has time to evaporate”.  So the next time you have the urge to grab that sugary lemonade at your local grocer on a sweltering day, opt for BRU to quench your thirst and relieve your body’s discomfort. 

It doesn't stop there. 

There might even be a possible placebo effect with hot drinks, claims modern day research. Meaning, our minds are so trained to welcome a hot beverage when sick or cold that our bodies actually feel better when drinking it, no matter if we are sick or not.  Think about it: coming home from a brisk morning walk with the dog, you reach for that mug of deliciousness, sip something warm, and you start to feel good. Immediately. Whether it's psychosomatic or not, the effect is just as powerful on your physical well being. 

Perhaps it is because of our western culture, or simply a habit we learned while growing up, but drinking a cold liquid at any of time of the day may not be the best answer to our overall health. By adopting a new ritual of drinking warm bone broth you may increase digestion, jumpstart your stamina, align your Chi, and still remain cool and collected on a hot summer afternoon. But if you still feel the need to consume something slightly chilled, a fresh-pressed bone broth beverage is still the way to go. Just take a look at Nutritionist and Chef Ariane Resnick drinking her Hot Greens...cold.  Hey, whatever nourishes you, right? 

Sip warm. Feel good. 
-The BRU Cru
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