Become More Mindful With Bone Broth

Mindful eating and drinking is a lifestyle integral to the bone broth mission.

Each day we have the opportunity to reset, to wake up and begin refreshed with new intentions and goals, and reinforce our commitment to keeping our bodies healthy and nourished. It is not an easy practice by any means, but small steps taken daily, like the simple act of heating and sipping a nourishing cup of bone broth, can make all the difference.

Mindful Eating with Bone Broth

To consider a more mindful approach to to food or drink, think about what a lack of awareness can lead to.

  1. Binge eating. 

    It takes the brain up to 20 minutes to realize you're full. If you eat too fast, the fullness signal may not arrive until you've already eaten too much.
  2. Emotional eating.

    Simply putting things in your body to fill a void, or to elicit a feeling of happiness or comfort.
  3. Weight problems.

    Eating becomes an automatic act, instead of an intentional one, where you simply reach for a bag of chips on the couch or ingest your whole plate of food because it is dinner time and that is what you are supposed to do.

A 6 week 2010 study on “Mindfulness-based intervention for people with obesity” found an average weight loss of 9 lbs during the seminar in addition to the 12-week follow-up period. Another 6-month study resulted in an average weight loss of 26 lbs, without any regained weight in the following 3-month period. Pretty amazing results when you think about it.

By eating and drinking mindfully, you restore your attention to the moment, to the process of consuming and nourishing your body, and distinguish what hunger actually is. It is much like a meditative journey, where you slow down and connect with your mind and body to better understand its needs, its desires; its feelings. By adopting the mindful practice, you can begin to create a better -more healthier- relationship with food and your body.

Here are BRU’s top 5 ways to become more mindful with a warm mug in hand.

  1. Take the a 3-5 minutes to gently heat up your bone broth.

    We understand, a microwave might be the only heating option (and that’s okay!), but if you can, do it stove-top. This gives you the opportunity to slow down, relax, perhaps do a couple breathing or stretching exercises, and relish in the senses you are experiencing. How do you feel at that moment? What do you smell? This mental awareness will help you make a deeper connection with what you are putting into your body, and also with yourself.
  2. Set your intentions before you take a sip.

    Ask yourself, “why am I drinking?”. Are you thirsty? Do you need an energy boost? Perhaps you simply wanted to take a break and get up from the desk or couch. Acknowledging the purpose behind your action allows you to appreciate the drink even further and understand your body’s needs at that time, perhaps even during certain times of the day.
  3. Eliminate distractions for 10 minutes.

    We live in a society with constant noise. Whether it is working late at night on the phone, listening to ads on the radio, or checking instagram, we are always “doing”. Try to give your mind a break while sipping on your bone broth. Put on headphones with your favorite music and look out the window, or close your eyes in a peaceful corner of the room
  4. Think about how the broth makes you feel.

    Did the broth soothe a tickle in your throat? Do you feel more alert? Is your body more relaxed from the warm broth gently coating your insides? Reflecting on the immediate somatic feeling will help you enjoy the drink even more, lower stress levels, and possibly bring more awareness to your intention for the drink itself.
  5. Appreciate what it takes to make eating good food possible.

    A lot of work goes into making bone broth even beyond the 24+ hour low simmer process we use at BRU.  The farmers who take care of the animals, Mother Nature, the workers who bottle the BRU, and even the stores and technology that allow you to purchase it. Being grateful to live in a place where choices are available, where living a certain lifestyle is possible, and having the means to do it are all reasons to be thankful each and every moment of the day. Life is so much kinder when gratitude is in the background, wouldn’t you agree?

Mindful eating takes practice until one day it becomes part of your healthy lifestyle. Don’t be too hard on yourself; there is not a mindfulness button you switch on. As with anything in life, the more you work at it, the more it becomes habit, until one day it morphs into a style of living.  We wish you the best of luck with this journey, and hope BRU Bone Broth can accompany you along the way.

Here’s to sipping warm, and feeling good,

The BRU Cru

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