Bone Broth & Running: Why It’s A Great Post-Workout Recovery Drink

Whether running is a daily ritual or Crossfit classes are your jam, your body requires certain nutrients to perform, and recover, at optimal level.  Like most of us, though, it is hard to meet the required daily intake of foods needed to maintain a proper level of nutrition. That’s where bone broth steps in.

BRU Bone Broth Beverages are a quick, grab-&-go, heat-&-sip at your leisure beverage. We combined the elements of fresh pressed roots and veggies with slow 24-hour simmered, organic bone broth so that all the added benefits are at your fingertips.

So, just how does bone broth assist an athlete’s body?  

Be it marathon running, swimming laps, or cycling class, here are our top 5 reasons why bone broth is one of the best post-workout muscle recovery drinks.

1- Supports Joints

The knees take a lot of pressure, throughout life and especially during a run. In Deep Nutrition, Dr. Cate Shanahan explains that “The health of your joints depends upon the health of the collagen in your ligaments, tendons, and on the ends of your bones. Collagens are a large family of biomolecules, which include the glycosaminoglycans, very special molecules that help keep our joints healthy.” Bone broth is loaded with glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) including glucosamine and hyaluronic acid (excellent lubricators and shock absorbers in the joints). Studies have actually shown a correlation between taking glucosamine and a reduction in the rate of collagen degradation and symptoms of osteoarthritis, making bone broth a no-brainer for any runner or sports enthusiast looking to protect their joints.

2- Creates Collagen

The most abundant protein in the human body, this is the substance that holds everything together. It is found in bones, muscles, skin and tendons, where it forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure, essential to anybody, but especially to those bodies working out. Since bone broth is formed when gelatin is extracted from bones, cartilage and connective tissue, it goes without saying that it is naturally rich in collagen too. Hot Greens anybody?  Abundant in fresh pressed leafy greens and organic chicken bone broth, this is the drink for any runner needing a healthy, delicious collagen boost. 

In the mood for a refreshing smoothie perfect for post-workouts?

Bone broth is a perfect no-sugar, protein-rich base! Check out health & fitness expert Nadia Murdock's essential ingredients to include in your smoothies for optimal recovery, including BRU Founder & black belt Soo-Ah Landa's go-to green smoothie made with BRU Hot Greens.  

3- Restores Electrolytes

With naturally occurring minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus as well as the addition of needed sodium, bone broth makes a killer post-run recovery drink. Because you are consuming a liquid, the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body and provides immediate hydration to a body that has lost a decent amount of water during a workout.  Need more justification? Just listen to Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Lakers hype up what they call “liquid gold”.

4-Fights Inflammation

Minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, and potassium have been consumed for centuries, across cultures, with the belief that they fight inflammation.  A 2011 study published in the International Journal of Rheumatology actually found that a combination of chondroitin sulfate, omega 3 fatty acids, and glucosamine (#1 above) were highly effective at reducing inflammation. We took it a step further and added the benefits of fresh pressed roots, Turmeric and Ginger, to create- you guessed it- BRU Turmeric Ginger: one of our tastiest, most popular bone broth beverages. Curcumin, the main active ingredient in turmeric, has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant benefits while ginger may help relieve workout-induced muscle soreness (read all about that here).

5- Rebuilds Tissues & Muscles

There are over 19 easy-to-absorb, essential and nonessential amino acids in bone broth: the building blocks of proteins.  Amino acids have numerous metabolic roles, including building and repairing muscle tissue, supporting bone mineral density, boosting nutrient absorption and synthesis, and maintaining muscle and connective tissue health.  Studies have even revealed that the amino acid- glycine- protects skeletal muscle loss and stops the expression of genes associated with age-related muscle protein breakdown. By consuming bone broth on a daily basis, much like a multivitamin, you ensure your body has the optimal level of vitamins and minerals to keep your muscles strong.

So, the next time you plan an intense workout, or perhaps just a light jog around the park, think about how much bone broth can offer your body. Joint support, collagen creation, electrolyte replacement, anti-inflammatory effects, and muscle health; the list goes on and on.

Here’s to keeping healthy, strong in mind and body, and staying active! 



*Please note: we are not doctors nor experts on running, just folks that know a lot about bone broth. Please consult a doctor or nutritionist for a personalized guide to a post workout dietary regimen that is right for you.