Celebrity Crush On Bone Broth

Finally!  A beauty secret from the stars that is attainable, delicious, and good for you.  From Shailene Woodley’s glowing complexion to Salma Hayek’s silky, strong hair, these celebs credit their love of bone broth as the answer...and it isn’t a new craze for them: it’s a way of life.

There are many ways to nourish, strengthen, and protect our bodies against life’s general “wear and tear”.  While some folks are given a golden set of genetics, most of us (like the 99%) make a commitment to stay healthy by eating thoughtfully, taking care of our bodies, and investing in those collagen rich skin care products.  And thanks to the world wide web, deciphering where to focus our time and energy can seem…complicated.  So, could an act as simple as enjoying a warm, nutritious cup of bone broth be the answer?


Celebrities, Mom bloggers, Chefs, and professional athletes alike not only incorporate this gelatin rich drink into their diets, but publicly endorse its’ health benefits...which includes more than just supple skin:

  • Increases healthy digestion, settles the stomach, and can even calm nerves (Gelatin helps digestion by soothing the GI tract)
  • Reduces inflammation, protecting bones and joints
  • Provides a variety of powerhouse nutrients and healing amino acids, like calcium and magnesium, and glycine and proline
  • Rebuilds muscles with electrolyte replacement (just ask Kobe Bryant)

See the attached articles and clip of Salma Hayek sharing more about her “very important beauty secret”.

Happy Brothing!