How Bone Broth Can Help Your Spring Time Cleanse

Beauty and health start from the inside out.

Getting in shape has a different meaning for everybody.  Whether the reason is to detox your body from winter’s treats, train for a summer activity, feel comfortable in a bathing suit, or simply to take increase the wellbeing of your heart and body, making healthy eating choices is the first step towards that goal.  You are what you eat, right? So why not drink better, too.

Here are 7 reasons why incorporating bone broth into a daily balanced diet is a convenient, delicious, and nutritious opportunity to jumpstart your cleanse any time of year.  

  1. Helps you sleep.

    The first step to feeling healthier in both mind and body (not to mention increasing energy so you have more stamina for activities!) is to get more sleep.  Bone Broth can help with that!  Research has shown that consuming gelatin before bed (primarily from the effect of the amino acid glycine) can help induce sleep for a more steady, slow wave deep sleep, and increase REM sleep (aka the more restorative sleep). Not only could you feel more rested, but because this amino acid also plays an important role in the neurotransmitters within the brain, it can help reduce daytime sleepiness and improve your memory during waking hours.

  2. Aids with detox.

    The liver takes a beating every day. It is the master organ of detoxification but without the availability of the amino acid, glycine, it cannot function to its optimal level. Bone broth contains a great deal of this amino acid including others such as glucosamine, glutamine, and proline -which assist with the overall health of your immune system and skeletal structure- and is therefore a great help to the liver. In addition, bone broth offers an array of minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which help with the functioning of the circulatory system. A healthy circulatory system is directly related to the health of the kidneys, which are responsible for filtering waste products, as well as excess water, out of the blood every day. And if you choose to drink BRU Hot Greens, you just know all that fresh pressed kale, spinach, parsley, and celery will only increase this detoxification process!  

  3. Assists with weight management.

    Bone broth is an awesome low-calorie meal replacement. Not only does it consist of ultra-slimming minerals and amino acids, including fat-kicking calcium, stress-relieving magnesium, good-for-your-gut gelatin and liver-sleep-supporting glycine, it can help curb hunger cravings by giving you something nourishing to sip on.  A cup of BRU Bone Broth Beverage typically has 70-80 calories and is a perfect beverage option to reach for during the “craving hour” while sitting at the office desk, or even in the morning when you might not have time to make breakfast but need something quick.

  4. Releases fat from the body.

    There are many reasons why plaque (aka fat substances) builds up along the artery walls, but most scientific data agree that there are specific vitamins and minerals that decrease the chance of this happening. Collagen, for one, is important for the maintenance of artery walls and shedding fat from accumulating there; proline (one of the myriad amino acids in bone broth) helps to disintegrate plaque deposits as repairs are being made along the walls; magnesium promotes healthy heart rhythm which is essential for blood flowing freely; and Vitamin C (15% in BRU Hot Greens and about 4% in others) is an antioxidant that helps create collagen fibers.  Think about it, the less fat you have in your body, especially in the arteries crucial to keeping you healthy and alive, not only helps you look and feel better, but can help ward off heart disease too. A win-win we say!

  5. Keeps cellulite in check.

    It is shorts and bathing suit weather, right? When consuming foods containing collagen, like bone broth, you are helping to inhibit cellulite, which forms when there is a lack of connective tissue in the area. When skin loses its elasticity as a result of decreased collagen, there’s another side effect: more visible cellulite. The high concentrations of collagen in bone broth actually helps to rebuild that connective tissue making it great for supporting an athletic body as well as keeping the underlying fat smooth and wrinkle free.

  6. Promotes healthy skin, nails, and hair.

    The consumption of certain vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds in the diet is one of the best ways to improve the look of hair, skin, and nails. Vitamin A (30% in BRU Beet Blush and 25% in Turmeric Ginger) is a fundamental antioxidant for protecting your skin from radical damage, while Vitamin C has been known for decades to play a crucial role in the regulation of collagen.  In this way, drinking collagen rich bone broth supports hair and nail growth, and can help keep skin smooth and firm (and according to Salma Hayek, reduce wrinkles!).  Plus it provides the amino acids needed by your body to produce collagen on its own which, according to nutritionists, is the most important aspect to keeping an adequate supply of usable collagen in the body. To top it off, glycine (this amino acid is pretty amazing, isn’t it?) has also been shown in scientific studies to significantly improve skin elasticity in elderly women and improve skin moisture and water loss, which is critical in keeping skin smooth and supple.

  7. Helps keep a clean gut for a happy life.

    Last but not least, gut health. Your intestinal lining is the center of digestion and if it is not working properly, your body risks not absorbing food correctly, which can create a whole slew of issues (think cramps, malnutrition, and sometimes diarrhea). The gelatin found in bone broth helps rebuild, soothe, and heal angry intestines. The more you are able to improve and regulate digestion, the more readily your body can reap the benefits of all the healthy foods you are eating and drinking and thus, the more energy it can provide for you. And without this energy, how are you ever going to get pumped for the next cycle or CrossFit class?? ;)

With benefits like stronger arteries for improved heart and circulatory health, better sleep and digestion for more energy, and smoother skin for stellar beach attire, it's hard to justify not including bone broth in your daily springtime diet.

Looking for a Dr. approved bone broth cleanse? Check out BRU's 3-, 5-, or 7-day bone broth RESET plan. Simply looking for a healthier habit to get you closer to your wellness goals? Try a Sampler pack to see if cold-pressed bone broth is for you. Whatever your reasons for getting back in shape, we wish you nothing but the best in your quest for a stronger, healthier you.

- The BRU Cru

Note- we are not nutritionists, just bone broth advocates. Please seek medical advice to learn more about safely detoxing.