5 Reasons To Drink Broffee Bone Broth: A Healthy Alternative To Coffee

More and more people are replacing coffee with a hot mug of bone broth as a healthier alternative to their caffeinated beverage. We at BRU are committed to our fellow wellness warriors but feel they shouldn’t have to choose or sacrifice their morning cup of Joe. After all, there are myriad benefits to drinking coffee! BRU Broth’s Broffee is a delicious combination of bone broth, organic fair trade coffee, chickpea miso, coconut aminos, cocoa, and spices that provide all the nourishing benefits of bone broth with a rich coffee flavor we know and love.

Photo by Flemming Fuchs on Unsplash

So let's talk about what makes Broffee so special and why you may want to start swapping your morning cup of coffee for this carb, sugar, and gluten-free mash-up.

1. Contains 100% the caffeine benefits of 1 regular cup of coffee. 

Coffee has an amazing amount of disease-fighting antioxidant power, but too much of a good thing is...well, not good. Some folks experience headaches from withdrawal, others claim it wrecks havoc on their skin, and many suffer stomach issues from the acidic content. A new study even shows it can mess with your heartbeat! But like most of us adults, a daily cup of caffeine is an essential source of energy, so why not maximize the rewards?  

Replacing your cup of java with Broffee bone broth provides roughly 80 milligrams of caffeine to help reduce chances of ill side effects while reaping benefits such as:

- lowering your risk for Type 2 diabetes 
- stimulating your brain and nervous system (including improving long term memory)
- decreasing your likelihood of a headache (ironic, we know)
- kickstarting your metabolism 

2. We use only fair trade, organic coffee beans.

Quality does matter when it comes to anything you put in your body, and conventional coffee is among the most heavily chemically treated foods in the world. Drinking organic coffee eliminates the health risks posed by conventional coffee, such as pesticides and other farming chemicals that can accumulate in body fat and can cause damage to the nervous and reproductive systems. Organic coffee beans also taste a whole lot better and often times less bitter and more nuanced in flavor than regular coffee beans (and let's be real...it's all about the flavor).

By consuming organic coffee you also decrease the risk of deforestation since many organic coffee farmers grow their crops in the shade of the rainforest canopy. This ecosystem provides adequate plant nutrition, and its biodiversity eliminates the need for chemical pesticides and herbicides. Win, win! 

3. Provides 6 grams of protein in one 8oz serving.

Protein is crucial to maintain muscle mass, increase cognitive performance, and keep weight offBreakfast is especially important because after a long night's sleep, the body is low on energy, protein, vitamins and minerals.  But while most everybody makes time for their morning cup of coffee, many forgo breakfast or hastily eat a pastry or breakfast bar in the car (a sure way to ingest unnecessary sugar and simple not-good-for-you carbohydrates. Nooooo!) Grabbing a ready to go, easily digestible form of protein like Broffee creates a convenient way to increase your consumption of protein, especially during those hectic mornings. 

4. Chickpea miso & coconut aminos make it soy & gluten-free!

Many who come to BRU have allergies or strict dietary guidelines to follow making it essential to keep things as "free" and healthy as possible. Substituting soy sauce for coconut amino acids gives Broffee an umami flavor rich in nutrients and high in amino acids, or protein building blocks. Remember, amino acids play a vital role in muscle repair, brain and nervous system function but also assist in boosting the immune system and physical energy levels. Plus, coconut aminos have been found to contain 14 times the amount of amino acids found in soy sauce!

And chickpea miso? Besides offering a powerful dose of probiotic bacteria essential for proper functioning of the digestive system, research studies have found a link between miso and cancer related benefits. A truly amazing ingredient for any dairy-, gluten-, and soy-free diet!

5. It is made with organic beef bone broth!

Broffee bone brothBone broth is rich in gelatin and coats and seals the stomach and intestinal lining, which aids digestion and conditions associated with heartburn and inflammation. It is a staple ingredient in the GAPS diet and for those suffering from IBS and ulcerative colitis for this very reason. Nutritionists recommend it for anyone looking to improve their wellness game, and athletes like Kobe Bryant consume it for its restorative properties while stars like Gwyneth Paltrow drink it for its beautification benefits.

As we say, there's nothing like waking up with Broffee Bone Broth in your cup.

Sip warm. Feel good.
The BRU Cru

Pro tip: for optimal drinking pleasure, we recommend frothing your Broffee with a Tbsp of organic coconut oil to get a nice creamy latte-like layer (without the sugar and dairy)!