December 16, 2016

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No Need To Give Up Your Morning Coffee – Have Broffee!


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re aware of the multiple health benefits of incorporating bone broth in your daily diet. To simmerize, drinking gelatin rich bone broth coats and seals the stomach and intestinal lining, which aids digestion and conditions associated with heartburn and inflammation. As much as we love our morning cup of joe (which we DO), the two simply don’t compare, nutritionally speaking.

More and more people are replacing coffee with a hot mug of bone broth – a popular trend behind the flourish of “brothee” bars popping up in cities and local neighborhoods across the country. We at BRU Broth are committed to our broth-ers and feel they shouldn’t have to choose or sacrifice. BRU Broth’s CAVO is a delicious combination of bone broth, organic fair trade coffee, coconut aminos, cocoa and spices that provide all the nourishing benefits of bone broth with a rich coffee flavor we know and love.

Each bottle contains organic, refined coconut oil that that melts as you heat up your CAVO. For best results we recommend frothing your CAVO to get a nice creamy latte-like layer (without the sugar and dairy)!

You can buy a bottle of CAVO at these local grocery stores (more stores coming soon!):

Mill Valley Market, 12 Corte Madera Avenue, Mill Valley

United Market, 515 3rd Street, San Rafael

United Market, 100 Red Hill Avenue, San Anselmo

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