The BRU Flavor Diaries: BRU Beet Blush Bone Broth

As seen in SHAPE magazine's January 2018 issue "Nutrition Right Now".

People ask us all the time "how did you choose the BRU flavors?".  Sure, the main star is always going to be rich and savory bone broth, but what makes BRU so unique is the added component of fresh pressed vegetables and roots .  Marry the nutritional benefits of certain spices, coconut oil and coconut aminos, with the healing power of bone broth, and you literally have a superfood on your hands.  Of course, it took some trial and error from a culinary perspective (a little more of this, a little less of that) to get the perfect balance of flavor, but in the end we created six sippable and nutritious bone broth beverages that are sure to please every palate out there. 

During the next couple of months, we the BRU Cru are dedicating a blog post to each of our bone broth children (because we love them equally) so that you, whether an avid drinker or casual consumer, learn the scientific and culinary justifications as to why we choose to highlight particular ingredients in the BRU bone broth rainbow. 

BRU Beet Blush Bone Broth; Soo-Ah pouring warm brothWe'll start with our most colorful BRU: Beet Blush.  Bright red with a zippy earth flavor from beets, fennel, and ginger, this particular bone broth elixir radiates head to toe happiness (seriously, there are ingredients in this bottle that science even says helps with mental well being). Filled with organic beets, fennel, and ginger root, this is the flavor for anyone craving a little mental and physical warmth.  So, let's unveil the facts about this BRU bombshell. 

Beets contain an enormous amount of Vitamins A, B, and C, phosphorus, magnesium, beta cyanine, and potassium (super good stuff to keep healthy), as well as folic acid: essential for hair and nail growth.  It is used in many cleanses and diets for detoxifying the liver.  Not only does it help lower blood pressure as well as prevent heart disease with its folate and betaine properties, but the nitrate found in these roots aid in dilating blood vessels helping to increase oxygen flow in the body.  Containing tryptophan (yup, the same chemical found in Mr. Turkey) known to increase your mental well-being and the trace mineral boron, a little something used in Ancient Chinese Medicine as an aphrodisiac, this ingredient really gives you something to blush about. 

Equally as high in many of the same vitamins and minerals, fennel plays the same role in health and wellness but adds a layer of complexity in both flavor and nutrition. This anise flavored vegetable belongs to the parsley- or Apiaceae- family (another ingredient found in Blush) and contains essential oils known as carminatives, which help relax the stomach, relieve gas, and aid in digestive stimulation.  Ah-ha! Now you know why people for centuries have chewed on parsley after meals...or partake when experiencing constipation issues.  Even the trace element Selenium lives in this licorice treat, a key player in liver enzyme function helping to detoxify the body and prevent inflammation.  Most fruits and vegetables do not have this in their genetic makeup which really makes fennel that much more amazing. 

Next up is our firey-headed friend, Ginger: a distinctively spicy flavored root famous throughout the world and Eastern cultures. We are not new to this health party and to anyone who has ever researched a natural remedy for stomach pain, headaches, colds, flus, and general nausea, this would be the answer.  This sweet and zesty root rounds out the natural flavors of the beets, fennel, and broth, while providing a little "umph" to the tongue as well.  Known in the running community to aid in muscle soreness and stimulate digestion and appetite, there is clear evidence as to why we had to include this sassy root in our earthy beverage. 

As if there wasn't enough good stuff in this drink already, we added chickpea miso to ensure your body reaped the benefits of probiotics.  Known as a superfood, these little bacterial friends are linked to increased immunity, better digestion, and even happier moods.  Usually processed with soy, we opted for another-but-just-as-healthy-and-delicious-version made with chickpeas so that all folks out there, whether Paleo or soy-sensitive, can partake in this beverage.  And let's be honest, you cannot beat that incredibly unctuous umami flavor that inherently comes from fermented products like miso: yummy! 

Who would have thought that Beets, Fennel, Ginger, and Chicken Broth could team up to create such a delightful combination of taste and physical well-being?  We're so glad we did!  So if you find yourself standing in the beverage aisle staring at BRU Beet Blush questioning yourself on the alliance of these ingredients, just remember this: BFG.  Because besides beets, fennel, and ginger, these ingredients are a big freakin' deal for your health. 

Happy Brothing!

The BRU Cru