The BRU Flavor Diaries: BRU Broffee Bone Broth

Anyone hailing from an Asian household knows the ever importance of starting your day (ending it, and everything in between, for that matter) with a bowl of nourishing broth.  Up until recently, this was a relatively new concept for most of us in the Western world, where starting the morning with a cup o'Joe is a daily ritual.

Well, here at BRU, we wanted the best of both worlds and rituals. And just like that, Broffee: our coffee broth babe, was born.

Let's begin to flush out this flavor...

BRU Broffee bone broth mugCaffeine.  Any parent, athlete, and college student, or human being for that matter, can attest to the importance it plays in our daily lives.  Whether you like some espresso with breakfast or a give-me-that-java-before-I-hurt someone sort of person (hey, we've all been there), it's a necessary cog in our wheel of bodily function.  Sure, too much of it can be harmful but there are scientific justifications as to why it should be included in your diet at a moderate level. Caffeine keeps dopamine receptors active, which could decrease your chances of getting Parkinson's by half (read more about that interesting Harvard study here), and keeps you feeling awake and happy.

Coffee is also filled with disease fighting antioxidants, linked to reducing the risk of colon cancer, liver disease, and type 2 diabetes (not to mention cavities!), and is even recommended by doctors to help stop headaches.  To effectively harness the power of this liquid black gold, we halved the traditional serving size in each bottle so that even caffeine-sensitive folks our there can partake without the heart skipping beats side-affects.  The fact that we use only organic and fair trade certified coffee means you can drink Broffee and feel good about it too.

The most least known (and quite possibly most interesting) ingredient in this BRU are the Coconut aminos.  Coconut what?  Coconut aminos is a flavorful sauce made from coconut sap that carries 17 (!!) types of amino acids. Amino acids play a vital role in muscle repair, brain and nervous system function and also assist in boosting the immune system and physical energy levels. It has a dark, rich, salty and slightly sweet taste, resembling something like tamari, making it soy and gluten free, Paleo certified, and the perfect natural sugar component for this bone broth beverage. 

Needless to say, chickpea miso made its way in for a kick of probiotics and an added source of iron, calcium, potassium, B vitamins and protein. Add a bit of organic unsweetened cocoa and spices and you have yourself a well-rounded, in both flavor and constitution, spiced coffee beverage. BRU-ya! 

Like with any healthy living philosophy, moderation and mindfulness is key; the cornerstone of Broffee. We cared about the quantity of caffeine in our broth and the quality by sourcing organic, fair trade coffee. Most importantly, we cared about developing a brothy elixir that bridged Eastern and Western rituals and offered a delicious, healthy alternative to coffee.

So, this fall, if you find yourself in need of a warm beverage with a festive kick and a gut happy protein boost, push that Pumpkin-Eggnog-Mocha Latte to the side and reach for a BRU: it's Broffee time.

Pro tip: Maximize the health benefits of Broffee and add a Tbsp of organic coconut oil! This will help with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals (including calcium, magnesium, some B vitamins, and amino acids found in the beef broth) as well as increase the absorption of caffeine. 

Happy Brothing!

The BRU Cru 

Broffee is available for online ordering in the BRU Bone Broth Sample Pack. Enjoy this beverage as a morning replacement of your coffee, or as an afternoon pick-me-up refreshment!