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BRU Broth Founder Soo-Ah grew up drinking bone broth her entire life.  Bone broth was a significant part of her Korean heritage, and after the birth of each of her two sons, the first source of nourishment Soo-Ah had was the bone broth her mother made and delivered to the hospital.

When Soo-Ah’s father was diagnosed with colon cancer, her mother was a regular in the hospital, bringing bone broth each day and helping to nourish her father back to health.  (In fact, many of the doctors and nurses at the hospital would also look forward to her mom’s daily delivery of bone broth!)

Bru Bone broths were the first 100% USDA organic bone broths in the refrigerated section, and the first to combine cold-pressed organic vegetable and root juices.

A Message From Our Founder

“My recipes began in the kitchen, not in a lab; and BRU was born from my heritage and culture, not a trends report. To this day, I stand by the quality of my bone broths, and my mission to share the centuries old health and wisdom of sipping bone broth daily.  Life goes by too quickly… and is too short. Taking the time to sip BRU reminds me everyday to take the time to make each moment matter, one warm mug at a time.”

-Soo-Ah Landa, BRU Broth Founder

Why Add The Fresh-Pressed Juices?

Because Soo-Ah wanted the bone broths to have a fresh taste profile that would make it easy to drink daily, with the added vitamins, minerals, and myriad health benefits associated with fresh vegetables such as turmeric, ginger, and greens.

From Day 1, BRU bone broths had to be good enough for Soo-Ah’s father.  But they also had to be delicious enough to convince people everywhere to consider BRU Bone Broth Beverages as a nutrient-dense and protein-packed alternative to coffee, tea, or sugar-laden juices.

Bru Uses Only 100% Organic Certified Pastured Chicken and Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef Bones

Our bone broths are slow simmered over 24 hours to extract all of the collagen-rich gelatin, nutrients and essential amino acids.  BRU works with a multi-generation butcher to ensure the highest integrity in the supply chain, with bones that are free of GMOs and pesticides.   Our bone broths are USDA organic, gluten-free and support a broad range of healthy diets including GAPS, Paleo, Keto, Whole30, and many more.

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