Bone Broth Starter Pack

New to drinking bone broth and not sure what you like? Then this pack is for you!

The BRU Bone Broth Starter Pack includes a bottle of each BRU bone broth beverage for a total of 6 bottles. Please note that Broffee is not available in the starter pack and must be ordered separately.

The Mixed Starter BRU Pack contains: 2Hug In Mug + 2x Turmeric Ginger + 1x Hot Greens + 1x Cayenne Zen 

The All Chicken Starter BRU Pack contains: 2Hug In Mug + 2x Turmeric Ginger + 1x Hot Greens + 1x Beet Blush 

More information on our bone broth beverages:

Hot Greens is our version of a savory green juice without the added sugar, while Turmeric Ginger acts like a restorative tea with a zing. Hug In Mug is the simplest of bone broths with the benefits of coconut aminos and apple cider vinegar added to it, and Beet Blush is what we consider the most cravable earthy root drink yet. BRU beef bone broth beverages include our miso soup-like elixir Cayenne Zen, as well as the mole-like coffee and bone broth mash-up Broffee, that has all of our caffeine lovers out there doing a happy dance. For nutritional information, please visit each individual product page.