Broffee Beef Bone Broth: the perfect marriage between coffee and organic bone broth. About time. XO.

Introducing your new morning ritual. All the protein, glucosamine and collagen packed benefits of bone broth with the taste profile of rich, unctuous mole, and half the caffeine of coffee. Because sometimes you can have it all. 

TIP! Make it a frothy, latté like elixir with coconut oil! Simply add a tablespoon of your favorite organic coconut oil and mix thoroughly with a handheld frother. Or...create a Paleo Bulletproof-like beverage and add a Tbsp of your favorite grass-fed pastured butter. Simply sippable nutrition, we say.

Ingredients: Organic grass fed beef bone broth, organic fair trade coffee, organic unsweetened cocoa, organic coconut aminos, organic chickpea miso, spices.

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Available in the The Bone Broth Sampler Pack, and all variety pack options. 

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