HOT GREENS Chicken Bone broth: bone broth just fell in love with fresh pressed green juice.

Also available in a 6-bottle Starter Pack or a 6, 9, or 15-bottle Variety Pack.

For those of you who can’t get enough of your greens (like us) this one’s for you. The benefits of bone broth (protein, collagen, gelatin, glucosamine) plus the benefits of greens (antioxidant and calcium rich) without any added sugar. An all-in-one warm, detoxifying mug of deliciousness. YES! 

TIP! Add a Tbsp of grass-fed butter for a delicious, sippable, buttered greens beverage, without having to cook any buttered greens at all.

1 BRU bottle = 16oz or 2 cups of delicious bone broth for all of your sipping, smoothie, and souping needs.

Ingredients: Organic chicken bone broth (organic pastured chicken bones, water, organic celery, organic carrots, organic yellow onion, organic apple cider vinegar), organic kale, organic spinach, organic fennel, organic celery, organic parsley, organic scallions, organic apple cider vinegar, organic black pepper, sea salt, organic jalapeño.

With our commitment to provide only the freshest Bru Broth, delivery times may vary. Orders placed weekly by Wednesday 10AM PST are guaranteed delivery within 2-3 Business days. Please note that we do not deliver on weekends.